Thursday, February 23, 2012

NIV vs ESV?!?!

Article #1: The History and Facts of The NIV and ESV and Which Version Better Suits Your Needs
I get asked this all the time! People wonder if there is a major difference between the two most popular up-to-date versions of the bible (the most popular over all bible version still stands as the KJV) the ESV and the NIV. At first glance of the two bibles you will not notice a difference, but the first time you bring the ESV into church and listen to your preacher say something that is totally different, you start to question.
ok the NIV was fully released in 1978, it was written due to many protestant churches at the time believed that that the common standard verion of the time leaned towards catholic interpretation. So in the late 1960’s a group of scholars from over 100 western protestant churches came together to create this “new” version. Using items such as the dead sea scrolls they were able to get as close to the original text as humanly possible.
Ok so the ESV is just a revision of original “standard version,” it came out in 1971 and well whats else is there to say. They were just trying to make it a little easier to read.
Ok so one thing I need to really point out is that the NIV is considered “over-interpretated,” what this means I still have no clue. What I do know is that you can see the differences that can cause some major misunderstandings, such as Romans 8 :35-36
 ESV version: “we are being killed all the day long.”
NIV version: “we face death all day long.”

Really there are major difference that you need to watch out in each version, but both come from the most accurate human sources today (unless you get a ESV made before 1980, in which case it did not use the dead sea scrolls or any other known sources). I use both, but I’m also a freak that has his bible(s) on his kindle just sayin. So just choose which ever one feels better when you read it.
for ages: “you can read” to 35 I would say the NIV will fit “our” slang. for ages 35 and above ESV will most likely fit you best.
For all you KJV people I just want to say I love you as a christian brother, but your crazy!! I grew up on the KJV, but once I realized there are bibles I can understand!! Man I never looked back!

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